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WEB 2.0 PRESENATION – Adobe Slate: Visual Stories



Adobe Slate is an application released by Adobe on April 2, 2015. It available only for iPad users, and can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes App Store. The application allows users to develop an interactive story through text and images arranged beautifully in a pre-designed layout. The final product can be shared on various social media and published to Slate’s collection of user generated stories.

The application first opens up to a “Discover” page, in which users can browse through numerous user generated Slate stories on a wide array of topics, and share any that peak their interest. Once finished, one clicks the “Create your Own Story” button and is directed to the ‘Title’ page of their creation. Before beginning their story, the user is can choose to create their own layout, or pick one of the pre-designed templates that are available at the top right hand corner of the page. These layouts feature a plethora of fonts, colors, and motion graphics, and are further customizable to one’s taste. The layouts feature is very user friendly and easy to use.

After a template is chosen, one can begin to construct their story by adding photos, text, links, or a collection of photos arranged in a photo grid. Concerning adding images, one images tetrieved from the device’s Photo Library, Lightroom Library, or Creative Cloud. Photo size and placement is adjustable, and captions can be added to each individual photo. There is no limit to the length of the story, and one can publish, then edit again later. When finished, the user can preview the project before publishing, and then can share it via Facebook, Twitter, email, embed on a website, text message, and the story’s link can be copied to the device clipboard. The story is automatically adjusted to fit the device it is being viewed on, from tablets to PCs, and smartphones.

The strengths of the app lie in its user friendliness and the professional, aesthetically pleasing layouts. It is extremely easy to use, as one is directed and guided through each step, and does not require any previous experience or knowledge to operate. The layouts are very clean cut and simple, yet add a very modern photo album feel to the final product. One significant feature of app is its compatibility with Adobe’s Voice App, where users can develop animated videos. In addition, the ability to share the story on several different platforms, from social media to text message, is very convenient.

The weaknesses of the app lie in its lack of options. One cannot make any edits to the photo itself whatsoever; not even adjust basic features, such as contrast and brightness, and photos from the web cannot be directly added to the story unless previously saved on the device.

Finally, the largest restriction is that it is only available to iPad users, and cannot be utilized anywhere else.
The application’s privacy policy falls in line with the rest of the Adobe enterprise. However, once the users’ story is shared on Slate itself, all images are made available to the public, unless otherwise designated by the user if they choose to keep the privacy restricted. This is clearly noted. As for the business plan, since the application is less than a week old, focus is set on gaining users. The application is available as a free download, includes no advertisements, yet it generates revenue through Creative Cloud subscriptions. However, as the app gains popularity, it is to be expected that they update settings to include a premium section, which asks for a membership fee in return for extra features.


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